Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New items to go on website...thoughts please!

Okay I am in need every one's help! I am thinking of putting some new Burp See ™ Burp Cloths on the website. I need some opinions. :) Here's a new set I was looking to add. First do you like it... and second what's the first name that comes to your mind. I am looking to name it.... And remember it's not the best pic in the world....but you get the idea!!

Also I am looking to put single Burp See ™ Burp Cloths for sale on the website. Here's some pics of the first two I would have for sale. They would be $14.00 each :)

I am open for any and all opinions!! Thanks for your input!! Can't wait to hear all the names you come up with :)


The Mom said...

I love the idea of single burp cloths!

Let's see, name....

Blue Skies
Blue Eyes
Country Club

I will think of more!

cindy said...

They look very nice and colorful. I cannot think of any names right now, sorry.

Dancing B*a*g Lady said...

The circles remind me of Ring Around the Rosi Posi.

The burp clothes I had with my kids were so ugly.

LifeNStuffUSA said...

They are adorable. I'm thinking of Twilight and Tiffany with the blue and totally watermelons with the middle single one.