Thursday, August 28, 2008

I finally got it done.....

Howdy everybody! This will be a short post today....or shall I say tonight. I have had a kids free day and have managed to get alot done. If you get a second please check out the Zeebabee Video I made and let me know what you think. It's the best I could do :)

Have a great night!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big time oopsie!!

Hi Everyone!

If you have a moment....please check out my most recent's on a great blog called the Ohana Mama

Other than that I have been busy plugging away. (Feeling a bit under the weather this past week) I am trying to get a blurb in out local city paper. And I would love it if I could get hold of our local TV station and have then do a little something on me. Wish me luck.... And as always if you have any advice on how to get on there let me know.

So you like the Baby See T-shirt?? Well guess what??!!?? You can't buy one! LOL! I don't know how this slipped by me and my web guys or my PR guy.....but when you go to purchase a t-shirt there is no where to choose a size. Lovely!! So if you would like to purchase a shirt off the website. You can just put the size that you would like in the comment section when you purchase. Hopefully it will be fixed real soon. but in the meantime that will do just fine. The Baby See T-shirts come in small, med, large and x-large.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Celebrities got it!!

Little Sunday Rose, daughter of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, has her own set of Posh Pink Burp Sees™!! And hopefully, Nicole Kidman, is enjoying her Baby See T-shirt™! I think received them last week in a gift basket from Celebrity Chitt.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An Island Review

When you get a chance....please check out my Zeebabee Giveaway at An Island Review
Zeebabee Designs will be giving away a Baby See ™ T-Shirt to one lucky winner. The giveaway will last until August 25th....but check back because I will announce a special coupon code to use at Zeebabee for all the non-winners to use for their purchase.

Good luck!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just one of those days....

Oh me oh my....
Today has been one of those days. And to say it has been a struggle to work and to be a mommy is an understatement. I just keep trying to remember that I have to breathe in and breathe out and all will work itself out. But sometimes it is hard to do that when both kids are at your feet every waking second demanding something. I want milk, I wanna snack, Mommy why do
I have bones, Mommy read to me about insects, Mommy I need a Kleenex. And then the random running around the house with a booger on their finger demanding to wipe it off. (but acting like it is liquid acid and their finger is melting in front of their eyes) Oh did I tell you that both of my little angels have nice boogery runny noses. If I could only count how many time I have walked to the bathroom for a Kleenex....before I thought of a new inventive idea for a fanny pack that is a Kleenex dispenser for us crazy moms. You like that don't you!! I thought of it first. Although I don't have time for another company....LOL!!

Okay I need to get back to work. This is the last thing I need to be doing right now is updating my blog. I need to write a press release...wish me luck!
PS. the pics above are the little rascals!! Good thing they are too cute!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kids are funny!

So my oldest son just turned 4....and wow he is just full of question and is always thinking!! But the other day it was hilarious. He comes up to me with a picture book and there was a picture of a cute little kitten. And M said "Oh mommy...isn't this kitty so cute...I want a kitten" I told him that he already had a cat, PJ. He said but PJ is not cute like this kitten. I want a kitten. I explained to him that he already has a nice loving cat and that if we want to see kittens we could go to the local pet store and pet some kitties. And then he thought about it for a minute and said....." well, how about we just bring PJ to the pet store and leave her there and get a new kitty."

Can you believe it? How funny!!! Maybe he'll end up being a creative problem solver....who knows!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Check out my interview on Mommy's Idea!

Good morning, everyone!!

I just wanted to let you know that I am still around. Life has gotten a little hectic ever since launching Zeebabee Designs. But I am getting things in order and I think I am in a sane place right now (smile)!

Check out Mommy's Idea.....she did an interview of me on her blog. It was alot of fun to do! In honor of her launching her new company, Ellie Bags, she is interviewing Mom-created companies that just launched themselves. So check it out!!

It's funny...I have already had a few sales already! Which I love! Keep them coming! I love getting feedback so go to Zeebabee Designs and let me now what you think.... And I just sent out my products to be included in the gift swag bag for Nicole Kidman. How exciting! Everyday it's something new and that is what has been so much fun!!

Kids are going to grandma and grandpa's today. I'll get lots of work done today!