Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big time oopsie!!

Hi Everyone!

If you have a moment....please check out my most recent interview....it's on a great blog called the Ohana Mama

Other than that I have been busy plugging away. (Feeling a bit under the weather this past week) I am trying to get a blurb in out local city paper. And I would love it if I could get hold of our local TV station and have then do a little something on me. Wish me luck.... And as always if you have any advice on how to get on there let me know.

So you like the Baby See T-shirt?? Well guess what??!!?? You can't buy one! LOL! I don't know how this slipped by me and my web guys or my PR guy.....but when you go to purchase a t-shirt there is no where to choose a size. Lovely!! So if you would like to purchase a shirt off the website. You can just put the size that you would like in the comment section when you purchase. Hopefully it will be fixed real soon. but in the meantime that will do just fine. The Baby See T-shirts come in small, med, large and x-large.

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