Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kids are funny!

So my oldest son just turned 4....and wow he is just full of question and is always thinking!! But the other day it was hilarious. He comes up to me with a picture book and there was a picture of a cute little kitten. And M said "Oh mommy...isn't this kitty so cute...I want a kitten" I told him that he already had a cat, PJ. He said but PJ is not cute like this kitten. I want a kitten. I explained to him that he already has a nice loving cat and that if we want to see kittens we could go to the local pet store and pet some kitties. And then he thought about it for a minute and said....." well, how about we just bring PJ to the pet store and leave her there and get a new kitty."

Can you believe it? How funny!!! Maybe he'll end up being a creative problem solver....who knows!!

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