Friday, December 19, 2008

Mommy's Idea

I wanted to share this blog with you. It's called Mommy's Idea . It's from a great Mommy I know that started her business, Ellie Bags, and then decided to take it one step further and help promote other Mompreneurs. Please check out her blog and participate in some of her great giveaways. And if you are a Mom that needs can contact her and I'm sure she'd love to help you out.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Totally off topic----but had to share

So this is my youngest little peanut! He's 2 years old and he is the pickiest eater EVER. He doesn't eat the foods that the average toddler eats. Like pasta, rice, grapes, you catch my drift, right? Until now....he had pasta the other day for the very first time. (granted I have been trying to feed him it for the last year of his life) And of course he has eaten it every day since. I am the proudest mommy in the whole world. It was such an exciting day for me!! I love pasta and the thought of one of my offspring not loving pasta....well I was down right appalled by it....LOL. It's a glorious time....a glorious time!! Gone is the day where all he'll eat for dinner is a grilled cheese sandwich.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Zeebabee is "boutique"ing it up...

As of November you can find Zeebabee products in a great new boutique in Belleville, IL called Candid Gifts. I met the owner of Candid Gifts through Mommy Millionaire, Her name is Melissa and she started her company, Candid Gifts, a few years back and has been so successful with her gift baskets...that she decided to open a boutique. She sent me some pictures of her boutique...which by the way despite our horrible economy she has been very very busy. Here are some pictures:
And....drum roll please......Here is a pic of my display at her store. Ta da!

Very excited to see Zeebabee out in the general public getting raved about. Everyone just loves the whole concept!! Me too....LOL!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Oprah...We love you!!

One of my fellow mompreneur friend put together a gift basket and sent it to hopes that she will marvel in all of the wonderful products and ideas we mommy entrepreneurs have! So everyone say a little prayer and keep your fingers crossed that Oprah's people open what they see....have an idea of a show about "Mompreneurs" and give us a call. So one day you could be flipping through the channels and see my silly mug on the TV screen. We love you Oprah!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Today Show

Natalie Morales from the Today Show just came back to work. And while she was out on maternity leave...she and baby boy, Luke, were showered with gifts from Zeebabee Designs and of course other companies, courtesy of Celebrity Chitt, a well known celebrity marketing company. Above is a picture of what was sent to Natalie and her son, Luke. Also if you go to my website you can see all the celebrities that were gifted by me this year and read the press releases. It's all in the media room. Happy Reading!!

On a personal note, today seriously kicked my butt. It was a long rainy day and the kids were very hyper. They were playing loudly all day. It was definitely a calgon take me away kind of day. Hoping that tomorrow will be a better one...and I will get my sanity back overnight while I am sleeping.

Here's to tomorrow!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Here comes the Holidays...ready or not!!

I don't know about you but I can't believe the holidays are well on their way. I am not all. So I am sure there are alot of you out there that are just like me....and still have lots of shopping to still do. Well, to help you out and your wallet I would like to offer 20% off your total order at Zeebabee Designs for all my friends and family. Just use coupon code MERRY20 when you checkout to receive the discount. Happy the Mommy-to-be in your life a Baby See T-shirt or the little cutie a Burp See burp cloth.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am a bad blogger!!

Okay so it has been long I probably lost all the readers I did have. But I did have a good excuse....really I did. We just moved from Michigan to Ohio....and we were without internet access for about one week. So from here on out I promise to be a good blogger. I pinky swear....heee heee!

If there are still any dedicated readers out there...I just want to let you know that the move went fabulous and we are happily living in Ohio now....for the next 2-3 years. I have a feeling we are going to like it here!

I must go but I will post tomorrow for sure. I'm thinking about having a Zeebabee Holiday Sale...let me pondering about it tonight and I'll tell you all about the savings tomorrow. Till then! Have a good night!!! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

(apparently I have not been good at updating my blog except on Wednesdays....LOL)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I love my boys!!

They seriously are my inspiration to succeed. Everything that I do or will ever do will before them. I want Zeebabee to succeed for many reasons...but one of the main reasons is to show my sons....that with great determination....a lot of hard work....and a strong faith....that we can do anything we put our minds to!! I love you M & J!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More and more celebrities loving Zeebabee!!

Looking very excited to seeing Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck tooling around town with their Burp See burp cloths over their shoulder.
I know she will love them....come on now....what new Mommy wouldn't. So next time you are ready People or some other celebrity magazine...let me know if you spot any celebrities sporting Zeebabee products. How exciting that day will be....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sorry I was MIA

Hi there!

So sorry I have been MIA the last 2 weeks...but my blog was acting up and I could get to it to was quite strange. And then the last week has been filled with lots of extra fun! We had a few fun filled days of Halloween and then last Saturday was my youngest son's 2nd birthday party.

I had to post this picture of him and those googly's hilarious!!

The move is getting closer and I seem to be getting more anxious! Looking forward to moving but just not the moving process. I'm sure all of you that have moved before know what I am talking about. So for all you that have moved you have any good advice for making it as smooth as possible. Especially on how to make the move as easily as possible WITH KIDS. I've never moved with kids before. Would love all the advice I can get.

Thanks a bunch!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Hot Seller!!

Crazy...but right now we have a tie between our best joke. It's between Pink Parade (left), Preppy Fun (middle) and Posh Pink (right). I love them all, but so far the customers say that they are all equally fabulous as well!! Leave a comment below letting me know which one is your favorite....let's break this tie. This is more fun than voting for a president, huh? And a little easier :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Morning!

Hi all,

It's early Sunday morning, and I am just waiting for my mother-in-law to come an pick me up so we can check out the new Home Goods near us. So I thought now would be a good time to catch up and post something on my blog.

Things have been a bit hectic lately getting ready for the big move and all. I had to pack away my work area so it is very difficult everytime I get an order. Although lots of my inventory will be shipped out this week for the big Indy Christmas show I'll be the beginning of November! I am hoping for Zeebabee to be a big success there!

Also big news is that I will be in a retail store in the beginning of November. The store is called Candid Gifts and it is located in Illinois....just outside Chicago area. Wish me luck!!

Gotts run and eat some breakfast before I'm off to the crazy shopping at Home Goods!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not a Buckeye's Fan...don't worry

Well....Everyone! I have a bit of news. Some of you already know...but for those of you who do not know....We will be relocating to Ohio. The Cleveland Area to be exact!! Me and my family will be there for about 2-3 years. My husband's company offered him a great job down we couldn't resist. It's pretty exciting for us. And thank goodness I can own and operate Zeebabee Designs from anywhere!! I might be out of commission for a week during the move but other than that it will be business as usual!!

I know I haven't been blogging as I should be. Just been very busy with the moving decisions and Zeebabee! I know this blog is to follow my journey...and I do apologize that I have not kept you all up on what has been going on! But for those of you who are is going great. I had my first wholesale order the other day...woooo hoooo! Very exciting stuff! I promise I will be better at sharing my entrepreneurial journey with you! Cross my heart.....

Go Michigan!!! (see even though I'll be in the Buckeye State...I still love my Wolverines)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Top Seller

So far Turquoise Treasure has been our top selling Burp See™. But Pink Parade and Posh Pink are coming in a close 2nd!! Burp See™ burp cloths are not only great for burping your babies but also a great option for tummy time... toss it on the ground and you can have instant tummy time anywhere. And we all know that tummy time is important for gaining neck strength for your little peanut!! Check out our site to today...and give your little one the visual stimulation they need! Encourage development while you nurture your baby!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Celebrities gotta have 'em!!

Soon all of Hollywood's Proud Parents will be sporting their Baby See™ T-Shirts and using their Burp See™ burp cloths on their newest additions. I am happy to say that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were gifted Zeebabee products earlier this month, courtesy of Baby Swags. So everyone keep your eyes peeled if you see a picture of Brad or Angelina out with their little ones with a Zeebabee product in their possession!! We would love to hear about it. So next time you are reading your People magazine....holler if you see a Burp See™ in the pic.
Click on the above picture to view it larger....the Zeebabee products are on the bottom left hand side of the second group of baby products.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sneak Peek....possible new products

TA DA!!! Here is the prototype of the possible new product for Zeebabee Designs. It's a playmat/quilt blanket for tummy time or just for your little one to hang out on the ground. The picture is not a great's not showing the colors very well. But you get the idea. It's 30"x 30". I'm not sure what I am going to call it yet. But I just wanted to post it to all my readers to see what they thought about you like it?? Do you think that this would be a good addition to my products. I have had a lot of requests for a blanket of some sort.

Thank you in advance for the feedback. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life's crazy with little boys!! But I love it!

Okay I have gotten used to the crazy days I spend with my boys (day in and day out), trying to work, trying to clean the house and keep it clean, and the list could go on forever. It's a little bit easier on the weekends, with Daddy home too.

So today has been going pretty well. Still having the occasional outburst or fight over the toys, but nothing too bad. Then I am in the kitchen preparing lunch for the boys when my 4 year old came to me holding his Tigers baseball hat (which was sopping wet) mumbling something under his breath about "I didn't mean it was an accident" He was going to potty in the bathroom...finished and then looked in the toilet and his hat fell in there. (Did I mention that he had already peed????) So he had taken his pee drenched hat and brought it all the way into the kitchen. are right...I had pee drops from the bathroom to the kitchen.

This is the truth!!! I only wish I could make these things up....

When you are done laughing...have a great day! I need to get back to work. :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Working from home ain't easy!!!

Check out this video is soooo true!

Have a great day! I'll be posting updates on Zeebabee...either today or tomorrow. Till then!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Meet Deanna of Ellie Bags

So you are a new mom and a new entrepreneur....what made you decide to turn your life into a roller coaster Seriously, what made you decide to launch Ellie Bags?
It all started because I was tired of switching my things back and forth between my purse and the diaper bag. And I hated carrying around a big bulky diaper bag when I only needed a few things. I enlisted the help of my mom and we created The Over Tote™ System, the smart new way to carry a diaper bag. I didn’t know about the roller coaster part at the time!

Tell us a little bit about Ellie Bags for those of us who haven't checked out the website yet.
Our main product is the Over Tote™ which is a diaper bag that goes OVER your purse! Pretty cool, huh? I know it’s a new concept, so it’s a little difficult to understand it without actually seeing it, but this has made things so much easier for me. We also have a collection called, “Make Life Simpler” which is a collection of products that make life easier for moms and dads. You’ve gotta check out the Sleep Sheep and Itzbeen Timer!

Where can we find you?
I’m seem to be all over the place these days. Here goes . . .
My store-
My blog- (Just reorganized and am now featuring mom blog & stores, plus a neat new forum!)
Twitter- EllieBags

So this interview isn't going to be like others you have done before. We and my readers (fellow mommies) want to know more on how you balance your work life and your home life....oh and I forgot to mention that you are a full time school teacher on top of your other work life, too. ;)
Now that Ellie Bags is up and running...does your hubby do more chipping in on housework?
Believe it or not, he’s always been pretty good about that. I’ve never been very organized, so I’ve tried really hard to make sure everything has a place. That way it’s very easy to clean up quickly, no matter who does it. Now putting away the laundry is another story!

When do you find the time to do your work? When do you find time to relax and enjoy your family?
I used to do my work while my son played on his own or when he slept. Now that I’m back at work teaching, it’s usually after he goes to bed. I actually enjoy what I’m doing though, so I don’t mind putting in the time. I miss my online friends when I’m not chatting with them!
Every other moment is spent with my family. We really try to have “family time” whenever everyone is home.

Who has been the greatest supporter of you and your goals? By the way, we would love to know what your goals are...
My husband and my mom (my partner!) are wonderful and have encouraged me all along. My brother is sort of my motivational speaker. He calls me and tells me to keep at it. He’s a tremendously talented artist and runs his own business too. Can I put a little plug in here for him?
My goals? Well, let’s just say I’ve decided to spend the year figuring that out.
If you could change one thing in your life right now...what would it honest.
I truly believe the decision to go back to teaching was the right one for us at this time. But if I could change one thing with all things being ideal? I’d be with my son all day.

And lastly, please give all of us wannabe mompreneurs a little bit of advice.
The one piece of advice I would give is to get out there and network. I have met so many great people and have learned so much from them. I always tell my students that we are all smart in different ways. Learn from each other and share your expertise.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reasons I love Autumn

So many people wonder how I can love Autumn so much...but I just do!!
These are all the reasons I love this time of year!
(and these are not in any specific order)
1. College football- even though I'm not a big fan...I secretly enjoy it being on TV in the background on Saturdays...DO NOT tell my husband :)
2. Apple Orchards
3. Back to School- there is something so magical at Back to School time...I love it!
4. The smell of the air
5. Leaves changing colors
6. Getting to wear jeans and flip flops----my favorite!!
7. Or a sweatshirt and capris....
8. Halloween...and getting ready for it
9. Back to school shopping
10. Not being overly hot when doing fun outside
12. New Fall season of my favorite shows
Okay I know there are tons of other things I love about Fall...but thinking about caramel apples is making me hungry...I think I'll go eat my breakfast ;)
Comment on what some of your favorite Autumn things are....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vote for me!

I entered Zeebabee Designs in the Start Up Nation Home-based 100 Contest. Please click on the following link and then scroll down on the page and my entry should be right there.

Thank you in advance for your support!! That would great if Zeebabee won!! Note: You can vote once per day :) (I'm just saying.....)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Great Giveaway!!

Hi all! Check out Mommy's Idea current giveaway...It's a pretty cool mommy invention for keeping your child on time without all the nagging. Now if we could only get some thing like that for our husband, that would be perfect.....LOL! Good thing my hubby never reads my blog....ha ha! Well, if you get a chance check it just might win :)

Diamond Award

I was honored by receiving the diamond award from my niece, Vineyard Vogue. Thank you, thank you!! So the rules say that I need to pass this Diamond Award on to 7 Blogs that I think deserve the award as well, along with their links. So here goes:

1. Mommy's Idea- a great blog from a fellow Mommy Entrepreneur. Very fun and informative reading!!

2. Island Life- Written from the islands of Hawaii....makes me wish I had her life...LOL...

3. Mom Spark- This blog always has great new ideas for everyday thing. Very entertaining!!

4. San Diego Momma- Very good writing....great stories! I love this blog!!

5. A Mom with a Microphone- Love her stories...and love her career...lots of fun to read!!

6. Modern Mama's Fabulous Favorites- It's a great giveaway site!!

7. Mommy Fest- It's a great site for all us Mommies!! :)

Enjoy your award...and keep up the entertaining writings!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I finally got it done.....

Howdy everybody! This will be a short post today....or shall I say tonight. I have had a kids free day and have managed to get alot done. If you get a second please check out the Zeebabee Video I made and let me know what you think. It's the best I could do :)

Have a great night!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big time oopsie!!

Hi Everyone!

If you have a moment....please check out my most recent's on a great blog called the Ohana Mama

Other than that I have been busy plugging away. (Feeling a bit under the weather this past week) I am trying to get a blurb in out local city paper. And I would love it if I could get hold of our local TV station and have then do a little something on me. Wish me luck.... And as always if you have any advice on how to get on there let me know.

So you like the Baby See T-shirt?? Well guess what??!!?? You can't buy one! LOL! I don't know how this slipped by me and my web guys or my PR guy.....but when you go to purchase a t-shirt there is no where to choose a size. Lovely!! So if you would like to purchase a shirt off the website. You can just put the size that you would like in the comment section when you purchase. Hopefully it will be fixed real soon. but in the meantime that will do just fine. The Baby See T-shirts come in small, med, large and x-large.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Celebrities got it!!

Little Sunday Rose, daughter of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, has her own set of Posh Pink Burp Sees™!! And hopefully, Nicole Kidman, is enjoying her Baby See T-shirt™! I think received them last week in a gift basket from Celebrity Chitt.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An Island Review

When you get a chance....please check out my Zeebabee Giveaway at An Island Review
Zeebabee Designs will be giving away a Baby See ™ T-Shirt to one lucky winner. The giveaway will last until August 25th....but check back because I will announce a special coupon code to use at Zeebabee for all the non-winners to use for their purchase.

Good luck!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just one of those days....

Oh me oh my....
Today has been one of those days. And to say it has been a struggle to work and to be a mommy is an understatement. I just keep trying to remember that I have to breathe in and breathe out and all will work itself out. But sometimes it is hard to do that when both kids are at your feet every waking second demanding something. I want milk, I wanna snack, Mommy why do
I have bones, Mommy read to me about insects, Mommy I need a Kleenex. And then the random running around the house with a booger on their finger demanding to wipe it off. (but acting like it is liquid acid and their finger is melting in front of their eyes) Oh did I tell you that both of my little angels have nice boogery runny noses. If I could only count how many time I have walked to the bathroom for a Kleenex....before I thought of a new inventive idea for a fanny pack that is a Kleenex dispenser for us crazy moms. You like that don't you!! I thought of it first. Although I don't have time for another company....LOL!!

Okay I need to get back to work. This is the last thing I need to be doing right now is updating my blog. I need to write a press release...wish me luck!
PS. the pics above are the little rascals!! Good thing they are too cute!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kids are funny!

So my oldest son just turned 4....and wow he is just full of question and is always thinking!! But the other day it was hilarious. He comes up to me with a picture book and there was a picture of a cute little kitten. And M said "Oh mommy...isn't this kitty so cute...I want a kitten" I told him that he already had a cat, PJ. He said but PJ is not cute like this kitten. I want a kitten. I explained to him that he already has a nice loving cat and that if we want to see kittens we could go to the local pet store and pet some kitties. And then he thought about it for a minute and said....." well, how about we just bring PJ to the pet store and leave her there and get a new kitty."

Can you believe it? How funny!!! Maybe he'll end up being a creative problem solver....who knows!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Check out my interview on Mommy's Idea!

Good morning, everyone!!

I just wanted to let you know that I am still around. Life has gotten a little hectic ever since launching Zeebabee Designs. But I am getting things in order and I think I am in a sane place right now (smile)!

Check out Mommy's Idea.....she did an interview of me on her blog. It was alot of fun to do! In honor of her launching her new company, Ellie Bags, she is interviewing Mom-created companies that just launched themselves. So check it out!!

It's funny...I have already had a few sales already! Which I love! Keep them coming! I love getting feedback so go to Zeebabee Designs and let me now what you think.... And I just sent out my products to be included in the gift swag bag for Nicole Kidman. How exciting! Everyday it's something new and that is what has been so much fun!!

Kids are going to grandma and grandpa's today. I'll get lots of work done today!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Zeebabee Designs is open for business!

Can you believe it?? The website is finally done. Well, there are a few minor changes that we'll be doing down the road. But we are in business! Kinda scary though! I know this is going to be an adventure...but not quite sure what kind...LOL! I love my products and I am hoping that you and all of America does too!! I did send this to some of our friends in London and Mexico maybe it won't just be in America....ha ha ha!!

Please check out our website and share with me your comments!!

Last week was so crazy with finishing the website and planning my son's 4th birthday party. but I did it and they were both a success!! He had a great time at his party...although a bit sad the big giant bouncy is gone from the backyard. (so is his little brother) All the kids had a blast. Till next year!! Although Baby brother J has a party coming in November...geez!! LOL! I love planning parties... so not to worry!!

So much to do! Till later.....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not up for business....LOL!!! :)

Okay, okay, okay! We are not up for business.... We are looking at sometime next week. But don't worry... I'll will let everyone me!! If you go outside your home, you might just hear me hollering it from my rooftop. LOL!! We thought everything would ready to go by last week but as everyone knows...things happen. So it won't be too much longer. Hey, I still need to figure out Quickbooks. I can't start making money if I don't know what to do with it. So wish me luck in learning Quick book. Better yet, wish me luck....and patience!!

And see I did give you a sneak peak picture...Enjoy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm high on life!!!

I just have this amazing energy burning through me today...I am loving life!! I spent most of the day on the computer with the web designer...and I am loving the progress we made. His goal is to have me operating my business by the end of the week...yoowza! Am I ready for that? This is all getting very exciting! I can't imagine how excited I'll be when someone actually buys some of my products (you know...that aren't my friends or family...)

I went to USPS (the post office) to have them weigh my products so I can state my shipping prices. And did you know that if you use the post offfice to ship you get all your supplies for free (boxes, envelops, etc.). So I think they have been the cheapest so far. they are really trying to compete with Fed Ex and UPS now.

Well, I guess I better go....I need to finish working on my website copy!!

Ta ta for now!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pictures are IN!!!

Drum roll please....... the pictures are in. And I do have to say I am dying to give you all a sneak peek. But I just don't know if I should. I'll think about keep checking back to see if I give in and do. Well, now that I have the pictures this week is going to be a crazy busy week. I have to start working on the copy for the products. Which shouldn't be too bad. I already had some notes jotted down. I did finish my mission...I can share that with you.

Zeebabee Designs’ mission is to….

-develop products that will visually stimulate your newborn & infant baby
-encourage development as you nurture your baby
-design fun & functional products for the modern Mommy
-help Mommies maintain your sense of style, while stimulating your baby to develop their early
-offer an assortment of visually stimulating fabric & designs that you & your baby will love
-create packaging that is ready to give as a perfect gift for the mommy-to-be in your life
or just a little treat for yourself
-manufacture our products in the USA
-support worthy causes to help children & families in need

Well, back to work. Got lots to do!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

just waiting......

So right now....I am just anxiously awaiting for my pictures to come back from the photographer. Oh, did I mention I was anxious??? :) Once I get the pictures back then everything will really start to come together....the website will be able to get completed. I can work on my brochure and card.

As of right now though...I need to take my creative brain and shut it off and try to sit down and figure out how to use Quickbooks. That's what I am going to use to do my accounting until I get so big I can't do it myself....and then I'll hire my sister The CPA to do it for me...(unless you want to do it for me right now big sis....wink wink) JK!!

Well, time to take the kids outside in the backyard and play in the kiddie pool!! How fun! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Photo shoot

Well...the long awaited photo shoot went very well. All the babies did an amazing job. And the best thing of all is that they loved the 'Burp See' burp cloths and the 'Baby See' T-shirts!! And so did their mommies. I was very excited to see how well received my products were. This is just the beginning of this amazing journey I am on. And I am loving every minute of it!

I can't wait for all of you to see the website....and to see all the great pictures! And then let the games begin. I can't wait to have the problem of finding the time to fill all the orders...LOL! I actually already have a few orders in! Woo hoo!! I love it......

I'll try to post more often but it is hard. Time has really become limited. Plus I don't even know if anyone reads this :) LOL

Monday, June 23, 2008


Hi all!

Exciting news!!! The shirts are to be delivered tomorrow. It will be so nice to have them so I can start really concentrating on the packaging of them. And most importantly, now I can arrange the photo I can get my website up and running! I cannot wait till that gets done....let the business begin!!

I really am looking forward to seeing the reaction and response I get from people regarding my products. It's one thing for friends and family to love them. but it's another for a complete stranger to pay cold hard cash for it! :)

I'll update once I get the shirts and let you know how the new design turned out!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The stress is starting to creep in!!

Oh this little venture is starting to become a bit stressful. I am starting to realize that all of this is alot of work for just little ole me. I know I can do just would be nice if I had a partner that I can roll ideas off or that could help make some of these decisions. There are always sooo soo soooo many decisions. I guess i wouldn't have such ants in my pants about everything if the shirts would have come out correctly and we (I mean I...ha ha ha) were well on our way to opening our online store. But I have extra time to think about everything...and apparently my idle mind can make me second guess my decisions.

I guess I need to stop blogging and get my behind back to work. Just thought I would take a minute and hopes that someone out there might feel sorry for me...just kidding!! I still love what I am doing and you will see me successful one day. One day soon!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Still waiting...

So there are still lots of things to get done before the start of Zeebabee Designs. But I am still waiting patiently for the shirts. I am hoping (very much so) that I will have them by the end of this week.

We have a new burp cloth design that is coming underway quite nicely. And at this rate it just might be available when we launch. That will be exciting! If you can't tell I am getting very anxious to get this all completed.

On a different note.... yesterday we had a going away party for my brother and his family...they are moving to Texas. Dallas, Texas!! So far away. I am going to miss them very much!!! But this will be a new and exciting opportunity for him and his family. I wish them all the luck and happiness in the world.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hi there! I'm back from Florida and very sad!! The shirts came while we were gone and they are all wrong. Very disappointed to say the least. Unfortunately now that the shirts will not be ready it is going to prolong the launch of Zeebabee Designs. Not sure by how long, though! I guess it's one of those things where you just live and learn.

But besides the shirts everything is going good. The burp clothes look great and I am still trying to decide a fun way to package them. Also I have designed another burp cloth and that prototype is coming along wonderfully.

I'll keep you posted.

By the way...I'm nice and tan....LOL!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Getting close to launching.....Zeebabee Designs

Well....we are getting down to the wire. Lots of deadlines. And guess what we are leaving for Florida today....great timing!! :) Oh well..... My husband is bringing his laptop so I'll get to work a little down there...but not too much. I can't wait to relax in the sun!

I unfortunately am still waiting for the shirts to arrive and I am nervous now. Because we are leaving for Florida and I still don't have them. This could be a major problem. I guess there is nothing I can do about it now. Just hope for the best.

I DO have all the burp cloths in my greedy little hands and they look so adorable. Can't wait to show the world my stuff. Hopefully they will love them as much as I do. So far all the feedback has been amazing. The lady who is making the burp cloths for me says that when people see them....they ask her where I'll be selling them. Because they really like them. That's promising!!

Gotta run and go finish packing!! Off to Florida we go. See you when I get back...till then!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Been so busy....

Hello! Seems alike it's been awhile... I have been very busy trying to still meet the launch date of sometime in June. the beginning of June is still looking good...hopefully I can stay on track. Although our vacation to Florida in the middle of May probably isn't going to help any but oh well...I guess I will start this business venture very well rested and tan....chuckle! The kids are coming on this vacation so I don't know how rested I'll be...LOL!!

The shirts are to be done this week. Can't wait to get them in my greedy little hands. I hope they turn out great and I hope they are everything I envisioned them to be. If not then I guess it is back to the drawing giving up!!

The burp clothes are coming along great. The seamstress should have the first 60 done by this Friday. The labels came in yesterday. That was an exciting moment. Everything felt so real when I saw them for the first this is all really happening and I am GOING to do this!! I cannot wait to share everything with everyone.

I really need to start working on the website copy before the web designer reaches through the computer screen and tries to wring my neck:) And I need to get the tag designed...I guess that will be easy once I get the copy done.

Gotta needs to eat dinner. Till next time.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My woven apparel label

So this morning I was so excited because Lucky Labels sent me an email....they had scanned and emailed me a copy of my sample apparel label. How very exciting...
Here it is:

I hope you like it...I do! Everything is slowly but surely coming together. I'm loving it!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Decided on a name for myself....

Drum roll please..... LOL
I decided to call myself Zee Owner. I think it is fun with out being tooo crazy. Just enough edge! Lots going on this week. I will have t-shirts in hand before too long. I decided on a company in Arizona to produce the shirts. Glad I am keeping business in the good ole USA. The clothing labels should arrive by the being of May. And at that time I really need to figure out who's going to be producing the burp cloths for me. I have a small manufacturing company in Connecticut that can do it but I would like to keep in more locally. So we'll see how that goes.

Lots to do...lots to do....but having fun doing it. Been crazy at times trying to juggle being a perfect mom (eye rolling) and a mompreneur. Hopefully the fruits of my labor will pay off.

Getting tired....need to go to sleep soon. Get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Till then...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh silly decision....

So I have to decide what I want to put on my business cards. What to call myself.....hmmmmm. Everyone is telling me to call myself President. It seems like a head trip to "president" of a one person company. But I do want to be professional. On the other had my company image is very playful, fun and whimsical. the website is going to be very laid if chatting with girl friends...not all technical and serious....since I am not like that at all. And indeed, Zeebabee, is an extension of myself!! So I was playing around with a few titles with a few friends of mine and here's the list we came up with. Some professional, some fun and some just downright silly!!
Zee Mama
Zee Owner
Zeebabee's Mama
Inventive Mom
Zee Inventive Mom
Zeebabee Maker

Let me know which ones you like or stand out or if i should be like all the other entrepreneurs and stick with President. Please be honest.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things are coming along!

It seems like since last Sunday morning....everything is moving ahead at top speed. So much, that at times, I am not quite sure I can keep up. The guy that is doing my website (actually used to work for me when we lived in Cleveland) reminded me that I was doing this all by myself. And he is right...I am only one person (with 2 young kids on top of that)!! But I get such ants in my pants when I am waiting for something to come back from an outside source. Sometimes I wish i had the abilities to do everything myself. Oh well....I must learn to be moooooore patient.

I am starting to get freaked out at all the decisions that I have to make. Always wondering if I am making the right one. This week i will be deciding who will produce the burpclothes and who will be doing the t-shirts. Both are going to be out of state (but still in the US...woo hooo) so that will make it difficult for me to deal with the handlings of it.

It's funny in this journey I have noticed that some days I am soo stressed and other days I am so geeked. Yesterday very geeked and so happy to be doing this. and today I am anxious and nervous that I am not making the correct creative decisions.

I am off to Jo Ann Fabrics to get some supplies with my little helper, Justin. I guess you would consider him a helper if throwing things on the floor was something I was needing. LOL!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Been awhile!!

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry it's been awhile but things are really heating up. There has been lots and lots of decisions to make. It can be a little overwhelming...but I am gettin' there. Things are on track for launching Zeebabee in June this year. Very exciting!! I have decided on a logo...I have posted it in black and white and also color. I still need to decide how I want my apparel label to look. and I am finalizing my business cards, letterhead and envelopes as we speak.
My website will be constructed very soon....looking forward to that...but oh my that will require a whole bunch of decisions on my part. Hope I am up for that challenge....LOL!!

Soon I will be posting pictures of the burp clothes and some more prototypes of the shirts.

Till then!!
The colored version looks cool with the background art that is on my business cards, etc. And how it will be on the website!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey Mom...Look I'm blogging!!

Well, where do I start??? Most of you know that I have started my own company called Zeebabee Designs. I guess I am still starting it up...hopefully by June 2008, things will be up and running. But I thought it would be fun to have this blog to kind of document this whole new crazy experience called "entrepreneurship". I am sure it will be a long and bumpy road...but I KNOW I will succeed!! So I thought this would also be a fun and helpful way to get my friends' and families' opinions on certain things when I need to make a decision and I need a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) opinion.

Save my blog in your "favorites" and check back in as often as you'd like!! :)