Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Been so busy....

Hello! Seems alike it's been awhile... I have been very busy trying to still meet the launch date of sometime in June. the beginning of June is still looking good...hopefully I can stay on track. Although our vacation to Florida in the middle of May probably isn't going to help any but oh well...I guess I will start this business venture very well rested and tan....chuckle! The kids are coming on this vacation so I don't know how rested I'll be...LOL!!

The shirts are to be done this week. Can't wait to get them in my greedy little hands. I hope they turn out great and I hope they are everything I envisioned them to be. If not then I guess it is back to the drawing giving up!!

The burp clothes are coming along great. The seamstress should have the first 60 done by this Friday. The labels came in yesterday. That was an exciting moment. Everything felt so real when I saw them for the first this is all really happening and I am GOING to do this!! I cannot wait to share everything with everyone.

I really need to start working on the website copy before the web designer reaches through the computer screen and tries to wring my neck:) And I need to get the tag designed...I guess that will be easy once I get the copy done.

Gotta needs to eat dinner. Till next time.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My woven apparel label

So this morning I was so excited because Lucky Labels sent me an email....they had scanned and emailed me a copy of my sample apparel label. How very exciting...
Here it is:

I hope you like it...I do! Everything is slowly but surely coming together. I'm loving it!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Decided on a name for myself....

Drum roll please..... LOL
I decided to call myself Zee Owner. I think it is fun with out being tooo crazy. Just enough edge! Lots going on this week. I will have t-shirts in hand before too long. I decided on a company in Arizona to produce the shirts. Glad I am keeping business in the good ole USA. The clothing labels should arrive by the being of May. And at that time I really need to figure out who's going to be producing the burp cloths for me. I have a small manufacturing company in Connecticut that can do it but I would like to keep in more locally. So we'll see how that goes.

Lots to do...lots to do....but having fun doing it. Been crazy at times trying to juggle being a perfect mom (eye rolling) and a mompreneur. Hopefully the fruits of my labor will pay off.

Getting tired....need to go to sleep soon. Get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Till then...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh silly decision....

So I have to decide what I want to put on my business cards. What to call myself.....hmmmmm. Everyone is telling me to call myself President. It seems like a head trip to "president" of a one person company. But I do want to be professional. On the other had my company image is very playful, fun and whimsical. the website is going to be very laid if chatting with girl friends...not all technical and serious....since I am not like that at all. And indeed, Zeebabee, is an extension of myself!! So I was playing around with a few titles with a few friends of mine and here's the list we came up with. Some professional, some fun and some just downright silly!!
Zee Mama
Zee Owner
Zeebabee's Mama
Inventive Mom
Zee Inventive Mom
Zeebabee Maker

Let me know which ones you like or stand out or if i should be like all the other entrepreneurs and stick with President. Please be honest.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things are coming along!

It seems like since last Sunday morning....everything is moving ahead at top speed. So much, that at times, I am not quite sure I can keep up. The guy that is doing my website (actually used to work for me when we lived in Cleveland) reminded me that I was doing this all by myself. And he is right...I am only one person (with 2 young kids on top of that)!! But I get such ants in my pants when I am waiting for something to come back from an outside source. Sometimes I wish i had the abilities to do everything myself. Oh well....I must learn to be moooooore patient.

I am starting to get freaked out at all the decisions that I have to make. Always wondering if I am making the right one. This week i will be deciding who will produce the burpclothes and who will be doing the t-shirts. Both are going to be out of state (but still in the US...woo hooo) so that will make it difficult for me to deal with the handlings of it.

It's funny in this journey I have noticed that some days I am soo stressed and other days I am so geeked. Yesterday very geeked and so happy to be doing this. and today I am anxious and nervous that I am not making the correct creative decisions.

I am off to Jo Ann Fabrics to get some supplies with my little helper, Justin. I guess you would consider him a helper if throwing things on the floor was something I was needing. LOL!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Been awhile!!

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry it's been awhile but things are really heating up. There has been lots and lots of decisions to make. It can be a little overwhelming...but I am gettin' there. Things are on track for launching Zeebabee in June this year. Very exciting!! I have decided on a logo...I have posted it in black and white and also color. I still need to decide how I want my apparel label to look. and I am finalizing my business cards, letterhead and envelopes as we speak.
My website will be constructed very soon....looking forward to that...but oh my that will require a whole bunch of decisions on my part. Hope I am up for that challenge....LOL!!

Soon I will be posting pictures of the burp clothes and some more prototypes of the shirts.

Till then!!
The colored version looks cool with the background art that is on my business cards, etc. And how it will be on the website!!