Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things are coming along!

It seems like since last Sunday morning....everything is moving ahead at top speed. So much, that at times, I am not quite sure I can keep up. The guy that is doing my website (actually used to work for me when we lived in Cleveland) reminded me that I was doing this all by myself. And he is right...I am only one person (with 2 young kids on top of that)!! But I get such ants in my pants when I am waiting for something to come back from an outside source. Sometimes I wish i had the abilities to do everything myself. Oh well....I must learn to be moooooore patient.

I am starting to get freaked out at all the decisions that I have to make. Always wondering if I am making the right one. This week i will be deciding who will produce the burpclothes and who will be doing the t-shirts. Both are going to be out of state (but still in the US...woo hooo) so that will make it difficult for me to deal with the handlings of it.

It's funny in this journey I have noticed that some days I am soo stressed and other days I am so geeked. Yesterday very geeked and so happy to be doing this. and today I am anxious and nervous that I am not making the correct creative decisions.

I am off to Jo Ann Fabrics to get some supplies with my little helper, Justin. I guess you would consider him a helper if throwing things on the floor was something I was needing. LOL!


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