Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Decided on a name for myself....

Drum roll please..... LOL
I decided to call myself Zee Owner. I think it is fun with out being tooo crazy. Just enough edge! Lots going on this week. I will have t-shirts in hand before too long. I decided on a company in Arizona to produce the shirts. Glad I am keeping business in the good ole USA. The clothing labels should arrive by the being of May. And at that time I really need to figure out who's going to be producing the burp cloths for me. I have a small manufacturing company in Connecticut that can do it but I would like to keep in more locally. So we'll see how that goes.

Lots to do...lots to do....but having fun doing it. Been crazy at times trying to juggle being a perfect mom (eye rolling) and a mompreneur. Hopefully the fruits of my labor will pay off.

Getting tired....need to go to sleep soon. Get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Till then...

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