Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Been awhile!!

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry it's been awhile but things are really heating up. There has been lots and lots of decisions to make. It can be a little overwhelming...but I am gettin' there. Things are on track for launching Zeebabee in June this year. Very exciting!! I have decided on a logo...I have posted it in black and white and also color. I still need to decide how I want my apparel label to look. and I am finalizing my business cards, letterhead and envelopes as we speak.
My website will be constructed very soon....looking forward to that...but oh my that will require a whole bunch of decisions on my part. Hope I am up for that challenge....LOL!!

Soon I will be posting pictures of the burp clothes and some more prototypes of the shirts.

Till then!!
The colored version looks cool with the background art that is on my business cards, etc. And how it will be on the website!!


Vineyard Vogue said...

Love the logo design! :)

PS-I tagged you!!

Suzie Gorski said...

Thanks Emily!! You should stop over sometime and see all the progress Zeebabee has made. I have some mocked up burpclothes and t shirt prototype. It's all coming together....slowly but surely!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello and congrats from another Michigan startup! We really like the the blog; it looks great. We're also lovin' the logo you came up with, very cool. We're also brand new to this stuff. We made our first two sales yesterday! Whoo-hoo! TP

Suzie Gorski said...

Congrats on your first two sales!! I bet that is soooo exciting! I just went to your website...great products. Did you do the sewing yourself....if not who are you using to manufacture it?? Hope you don't mind me asking. I am in the throws of getting my products done and it can be a bit frazzling at times.

PS. Those aprons are tooooo cute!!