Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Been so busy....

Hello! Seems alike it's been awhile... I have been very busy trying to still meet the launch date of sometime in June. the beginning of June is still looking good...hopefully I can stay on track. Although our vacation to Florida in the middle of May probably isn't going to help any but oh well...I guess I will start this business venture very well rested and tan....chuckle! The kids are coming on this vacation so I don't know how rested I'll be...LOL!!

The shirts are to be done this week. Can't wait to get them in my greedy little hands. I hope they turn out great and I hope they are everything I envisioned them to be. If not then I guess it is back to the drawing giving up!!

The burp clothes are coming along great. The seamstress should have the first 60 done by this Friday. The labels came in yesterday. That was an exciting moment. Everything felt so real when I saw them for the first this is all really happening and I am GOING to do this!! I cannot wait to share everything with everyone.

I really need to start working on the website copy before the web designer reaches through the computer screen and tries to wring my neck:) And I need to get the tag designed...I guess that will be easy once I get the copy done.

Gotta needs to eat dinner. Till next time.

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