Friday, December 12, 2008

Oprah...We love you!!

One of my fellow mompreneur friend put together a gift basket and sent it to hopes that she will marvel in all of the wonderful products and ideas we mommy entrepreneurs have! So everyone say a little prayer and keep your fingers crossed that Oprah's people open what they see....have an idea of a show about "Mompreneurs" and give us a call. So one day you could be flipping through the channels and see my silly mug on the TV screen. We love you Oprah!!


just me... said...

I hope Oprah's people take a good look. I had an EXTREMELY talented friend do something similar a few years back and we both waited, and waited... I sure hope you hear something. Anything is better than nothing. She didn't even get an acknowledgement. I hope you fare better!

Best wishes and I love your blog!

Gabrielle said...

We also decided to do this, and then low and behold this last weekend a new member joined our weekly prayer group and they actually know her and is producing a program for her network. We brought up the "get a product" to a famous person tact. What he told us was this. They get 1000's of solicitations a week and the only "in" he has seen, is when someone close to her has something they love and shares it enough to get her attention. Therefore we are rethinking our approach and doing a lot of praying as well. I hope your basket makes it through the gantlet!

Chic Gal said...

Let's hope it actually gets to Oprah. All that hard work and no response could be dishearting. Fingers crossed!