Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Today Show

Natalie Morales from the Today Show just came back to work. And while she was out on maternity leave...she and baby boy, Luke, were showered with gifts from Zeebabee Designs and of course other companies, courtesy of Celebrity Chitt, a well known celebrity marketing company. Above is a picture of what was sent to Natalie and her son, Luke. Also if you go to my website http://www.zeebabee.com/ you can see all the celebrities that were gifted by me this year and read the press releases. It's all in the media room. Happy Reading!!

On a personal note, today seriously kicked my butt. It was a long rainy day and the kids were very hyper. They were playing loudly all day. It was definitely a calgon take me away kind of day. Hoping that tomorrow will be a better one...and I will get my sanity back overnight while I am sleeping.

Here's to tomorrow!!

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