Monday, September 15, 2008

Meet Deanna of Ellie Bags

So you are a new mom and a new entrepreneur....what made you decide to turn your life into a roller coaster Seriously, what made you decide to launch Ellie Bags?
It all started because I was tired of switching my things back and forth between my purse and the diaper bag. And I hated carrying around a big bulky diaper bag when I only needed a few things. I enlisted the help of my mom and we created The Over Tote™ System, the smart new way to carry a diaper bag. I didn’t know about the roller coaster part at the time!

Tell us a little bit about Ellie Bags for those of us who haven't checked out the website yet.
Our main product is the Over Tote™ which is a diaper bag that goes OVER your purse! Pretty cool, huh? I know it’s a new concept, so it’s a little difficult to understand it without actually seeing it, but this has made things so much easier for me. We also have a collection called, “Make Life Simpler” which is a collection of products that make life easier for moms and dads. You’ve gotta check out the Sleep Sheep and Itzbeen Timer!

Where can we find you?
I’m seem to be all over the place these days. Here goes . . .
My store-
My blog- (Just reorganized and am now featuring mom blog & stores, plus a neat new forum!)
Twitter- EllieBags

So this interview isn't going to be like others you have done before. We and my readers (fellow mommies) want to know more on how you balance your work life and your home life....oh and I forgot to mention that you are a full time school teacher on top of your other work life, too. ;)
Now that Ellie Bags is up and running...does your hubby do more chipping in on housework?
Believe it or not, he’s always been pretty good about that. I’ve never been very organized, so I’ve tried really hard to make sure everything has a place. That way it’s very easy to clean up quickly, no matter who does it. Now putting away the laundry is another story!

When do you find the time to do your work? When do you find time to relax and enjoy your family?
I used to do my work while my son played on his own or when he slept. Now that I’m back at work teaching, it’s usually after he goes to bed. I actually enjoy what I’m doing though, so I don’t mind putting in the time. I miss my online friends when I’m not chatting with them!
Every other moment is spent with my family. We really try to have “family time” whenever everyone is home.

Who has been the greatest supporter of you and your goals? By the way, we would love to know what your goals are...
My husband and my mom (my partner!) are wonderful and have encouraged me all along. My brother is sort of my motivational speaker. He calls me and tells me to keep at it. He’s a tremendously talented artist and runs his own business too. Can I put a little plug in here for him?
My goals? Well, let’s just say I’ve decided to spend the year figuring that out.
If you could change one thing in your life right now...what would it honest.
I truly believe the decision to go back to teaching was the right one for us at this time. But if I could change one thing with all things being ideal? I’d be with my son all day.

And lastly, please give all of us wannabe mompreneurs a little bit of advice.
The one piece of advice I would give is to get out there and network. I have met so many great people and have learned so much from them. I always tell my students that we are all smart in different ways. Learn from each other and share your expertise.


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Great interview Deanna! Wishing you much success.

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Great interview Deanna! I already knew about your great product but I had to check out your husband's site and I was very impressed. You have a very talented household! Congratulations!


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Nice interview. I enjoyed it a lot! Glad I stopped by, must keep reading your previous posts!

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