Friday, September 5, 2008

Diamond Award

I was honored by receiving the diamond award from my niece, Vineyard Vogue. Thank you, thank you!! So the rules say that I need to pass this Diamond Award on to 7 Blogs that I think deserve the award as well, along with their links. So here goes:

1. Mommy's Idea- a great blog from a fellow Mommy Entrepreneur. Very fun and informative reading!!

2. Island Life- Written from the islands of Hawaii....makes me wish I had her life...LOL...

3. Mom Spark- This blog always has great new ideas for everyday thing. Very entertaining!!

4. San Diego Momma- Very good writing....great stories! I love this blog!!

5. A Mom with a Microphone- Love her stories...and love her career...lots of fun to read!!

6. Modern Mama's Fabulous Favorites- It's a great giveaway site!!

7. Mommy Fest- It's a great site for all us Mommies!! :)

Enjoy your award...and keep up the entertaining writings!


San Diego Momma said...

Thanks so much! I'm touched and honored to be among this group of bloggers.

I really appreciate the shout-out! Thanks again. Your nice words made my day!


Ellie Bags said...

I'm number one in your book? :) I am so honored. I'm a big fan of yours too!


kailani said...

Thank you so much! I wonder if I could trade that button in for the real thing? hee hee

deb said...

Hi Suzie,

I wanted to say thanks! Very nice of you...glad you like the blog. One of your readers mentioned she found mine from your site. I'm a new fan!

Take care,