Thursday, July 10, 2008

just waiting......

So right now....I am just anxiously awaiting for my pictures to come back from the photographer. Oh, did I mention I was anxious??? :) Once I get the pictures back then everything will really start to come together....the website will be able to get completed. I can work on my brochure and card.

As of right now though...I need to take my creative brain and shut it off and try to sit down and figure out how to use Quickbooks. That's what I am going to use to do my accounting until I get so big I can't do it myself....and then I'll hire my sister The CPA to do it for me...(unless you want to do it for me right now big sis....wink wink) JK!!

Well, time to take the kids outside in the backyard and play in the kiddie pool!! How fun! :)

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