Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pictures are IN!!!

Drum roll please....... the pictures are in. And I do have to say I am dying to give you all a sneak peek. But I just don't know if I should. I'll think about keep checking back to see if I give in and do. Well, now that I have the pictures this week is going to be a crazy busy week. I have to start working on the copy for the products. Which shouldn't be too bad. I already had some notes jotted down. I did finish my mission...I can share that with you.

Zeebabee Designs’ mission is to….

-develop products that will visually stimulate your newborn & infant baby
-encourage development as you nurture your baby
-design fun & functional products for the modern Mommy
-help Mommies maintain your sense of style, while stimulating your baby to develop their early
-offer an assortment of visually stimulating fabric & designs that you & your baby will love
-create packaging that is ready to give as a perfect gift for the mommy-to-be in your life
or just a little treat for yourself
-manufacture our products in the USA
-support worthy causes to help children & families in need

Well, back to work. Got lots to do!!


Kim Lampe said...

Wow Suzie,

Looks like you are close to launching. Nothing like following your true self and your passions.

mommyd said...

Your mission statement sounds great. I'm so excited to see your launch! I vote for the pictures, but I understand since I'm keeping mine under wraps too!

Vineyard Vogue said...

I love it! And, I saw the pictures :) ..amazing! Remember, safe a batch of products for me when the time comes!!

Suzie said...

girl....there will be lots more products to choose from by the time you have kids....heee heee!! Love ya! And don't rub it in that you got to see the pictures :)