Monday, July 28, 2008

Zeebabee Designs is open for business!

Can you believe it?? The website is finally done. Well, there are a few minor changes that we'll be doing down the road. But we are in business! Kinda scary though! I know this is going to be an adventure...but not quite sure what kind...LOL! I love my products and I am hoping that you and all of America does too!! I did send this to some of our friends in London and Mexico maybe it won't just be in America....ha ha ha!!

Please check out our website and share with me your comments!!

Last week was so crazy with finishing the website and planning my son's 4th birthday party. but I did it and they were both a success!! He had a great time at his party...although a bit sad the big giant bouncy is gone from the backyard. (so is his little brother) All the kids had a blast. Till next year!! Although Baby brother J has a party coming in November...geez!! LOL! I love planning parties... so not to worry!!

So much to do! Till later.....

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