Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm high on life!!!

I just have this amazing energy burning through me today...I am loving life!! I spent most of the day on the computer with the web designer...and I am loving the progress we made. His goal is to have me operating my business by the end of the week...yoowza! Am I ready for that? This is all getting very exciting! I can't imagine how excited I'll be when someone actually buys some of my products (you know...that aren't my friends or family...)

I went to USPS (the post office) to have them weigh my products so I can state my shipping prices. And did you know that if you use the post offfice to ship you get all your supplies for free (boxes, envelops, etc.). So I think they have been the cheapest so far. they are really trying to compete with Fed Ex and UPS now.

Well, I guess I better go....I need to finish working on my website copy!!

Ta ta for now!



Vineyard Vogue said...

I am so so so happy for you! Everything looks so amazing and I just know you are going to be sooo incredibly successful with Zeebabee! I just looked at the site and Wow! Way to go!!

Suzie said...

thanks...but the website is nowhere near being done. Lots more to do ...lots more. i wish people would stop looking at it...LOL :)