Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I need a personal assistant!

Okay I know, I know....I am not very good at this blogging thing. I try....but I run out of time in the day. I need a few more hours I am sure most of us do. I decided that I need a personal assistant and a nanny. I know that won't be happening anytime I will have to learn how to organize my time a bit better.

I really want to keep you all informed on my I will start my New Year's resolution early and Blog more..... Wish me luck!!

Okay now on to some news----- Found out that the Burp Sees are selling like hotcakes in boutiques!! This is very exciting for me. So I am moving full force ahead and working on getting some sales reps to get Zeebabee in boutiques nationwide. I am going to pitch to a few today and hope that they would like to take me on as their client.
And here are some great pics of some baby gift baskets using the Burp Sees in them. A boutique that sells Burp Sees makes gift baskets, too. And the owner just loves using my products in them. She's one of my biggest fans!! Thanks, Melissa!! Here's a shout out to her boutique----

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