Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Importance of Visual Stimulation

Visual stimulation is the whole idea behind Zeebabee and our products!!! And for that reason, I have created a Fan Page on Faceboook for .......(drum roll, please) ...........
I will use this to post information on how important black and white stimulation is for newborns and infants. If I find any freebies, fun facts, stories, great products (other than Zeebabee's....ha ha ha), etc. There is so much great information out there that I would love to share.
I also will be sending out email campaigns, newsletters and such! This I am very excited about. Business has been very good lately....and I am just trying to keep up the momentum!!! Slowly but surely you WILL see Zeebabee in every baby boutique nationwide. Okay, okay....maybe not everyone....but MOST of them....all the great ones!!! :)
I must get back to work..... till next time!! (ps. I am getting a little better at this blogging thing)