Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let's roll!

Well everyone....I am back in action! With the 1 year stay on the CPSIA...it buys me sometime to get Zeebabee back in the game. All systems a go!! I was very excited when I heard the news on Friday. I had felt over the last few months that I was in a stand still but now it's time to rock -n-roll. I have lots underway right now.... So hopefully I will have some exciting news for you all real soon.

I will be in talks with Oakwood Hospital tomorrow about getting Zeebabee into their gift shop. Can't wait to hear what products they will be interested in. Also one of my good childhood friends has a store in Novi, MI called Sincerely Yours and she said that I can send some of my products to her for her to sell at the store. Very excited about that. Because I know my products would do great with her clientele.

I am working on having a professional brochure designed and printed up. I was kind of kicked into gear to get it done because a pediatric eye doctor contacted me and would like to have some brochures to give to her patients' parents. She is a firm believer in what Zeebabee is all about!!

So those are just a couple of the exciting things that are going on right now with Zeebabee. There lots more but I must go and get back to work now....time is limited when you have two little guys running around.....3 when hubby gets home from work....LOL.

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Stephanie said...

Awesome! So glad to see that you're moving ahead! Keep up the great work!